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Exported children's health functional food 'Jalkton Series' to Indonesia 2021-01-20

Cho-A Pharm's Jalkton Step1 and Step2 products have been approved for registration with the Indonesian Local Food and Drug Administration (BPOM: Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan). Jalkton STEP1 was produced in January this year and exported to Indonesia, while Jalkton STEP2 is planned to be produced and exported in March this year.

Cho-A Pharm has been working with PT.GNF (Green Nature Farm), a consulting company specializing in local registration permit, to obtain local permit since 2017, and was finally able to get permission after striving for registration for 3 years.

As one of the children's health functional foods representing Cho-A Pharm, Jalkton is a best seller product that has been continuously sold for 17 years. Evenly containing nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, calcium and zinc, which are involved in children's health promotion and growth and development, Jalkton helps children with balanced growth.

The 'Jalkton' series is composed of Jalkton Step1, which helps to supply nutrition and growth of infants and toddlers, while Jalkton Step2, which helps balance growth by correcting the health balance of children in childhood. And the design created with the “Dino” dinosaur character is a character that gives children a friendly feeling and is favored.

In the future, they are planning B2B sales and marketing through PT.GNF in Indonesia, and planning to sell them in Indonesian home shopping.  They are also looking forward to becoming a leader in the Indonesian children's nutrition market.

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