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CHO-A Pharmaceutical has achieved high growth
for 30 years through challenge & innovation

CHO-A PHARM Co., Ltd. has put all efforts to develop and supply excellent medicine under a corporate slogan,
"Keep People Healthy and Happy Away from Diseases" since establishment in 1988.

Since its inception in 1988, CHO-A has continuously grown over the last 30 more years. It listed on KOSDAQ market in 1998. Currently, CHO-A is one of the most recognized and familiar pharmaceuticals in Korea.
CHO-A focused on the development of safe, creative & convenient packaging and resulted in producing 'double-neck ampoule' in 1995.
CHO-A's ampoule package was first of its kind in Korea. Currently CHO-A leads Korea pharmacy market with ampoule package. CHO-A started to export them to Vietnam in 1995 with constant growth ever since.
Currently CHO-A produces about 200 medicines and health foods including 30 drinkable ampoule products such as Hepos, Fematin, Vasoclean, Mabis, etc.