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Why choose CHO-A title

Why choose CHO-A

Why choose CHO-A contents

Cho-A Pharm has been exporting products to Vietnam since 1995.
Currently we have 50 different kinds of products including; supplements,
pharmaceuticals and beverages being exported and under registration in 20 countries.
Since 2009, we have been actively participating in overseas exhibitions to expand into overseas market.


Business association with CHO-A will ensure availability of new products at reasonable price along
with generic products and will ensure win-win situation between the companies and countries.
CHO-A from the very beginning has objectives to contribute the global health sector
by providing quality health products of international standards.
We offer the best services in regards to manufacturing facilities product development and quality.
Since 1995, CHO-A started to export our products to South-east Asia,
and we are receiving very positive responses from different countries of the world persistently.

Four Advantages to became CHO-A Partners

Customized product and
service management

With extensive global business experience, CHO-A Pharm has deeply understood that the demand for drugs, supplements or foods in the country and the current overseas market conditions are different.

Therefore, CHO-A Pharm provides overseas customers with customer-oriented product design and management services in response to their needs. CHO-A Pharm, as a global business partner, becomes more competitive in the relevant market and constantly achieve success through the diversified and flexible cooperation programs and plans.

Reasonable Price

Unlike ordinary agents or distributors, CHO-A Pharm, as a manufacturer provides first-hand supply prices to our business partner.

Working with us our partner can achieve the most affordable price without any agency fees. And a reasonable price will definitely help our partners to occupy a position in the highly competitive market and stand out.

Good quality of product

CHO-A Pharm's production implant was built in 1994 and received the KGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate the following year. We are the first Korean company to obtain ISO 9001 (International Standardization Organization Quality Standard) certification in 1996.

To obtain GMP certification for functional supplements, we have been continuously putting our efforts and investment for quality improvement and maximization of production capacity. Rigorous quality control and excellent production equipment ensure the high quality and safety of CHO-A Pharm's products, giving partners confidence and assurance.

Global Business marketing service

In order to meet the needs of a global market, promote close cooperation and well communication with overseas partners, CHO-A Pharm overseas marketing department has been divided into overseas different teams by regional areas, and use international talents to provide more globalization services and establish a better communication network.

We export to following countries

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