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    Biotone Soln.

    1. Improve concentration, endurance, immunity and relieve fatigue 2. As an...

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    Hemopoly Sol.

    For prevention and Treatment of iron deficiency anemia.

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    Newhem Syr.

    1. For Iron deficiency anemia resulting from: pregnancy, postpartum and lac...

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    Red Ginseng

    1. Improves mental and physical performance 2. Boosts immune system and in...

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    1. Maintenance treatment of hyperammonemia in patients with carbamylphospha...

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    Thioserin Sol.

    1. Adjuvant treatment of bacterial and viral infectious diseases such as he...

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    Astaxanthin, the main component of astathin, is a safe natural antioxidant ...

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    Bosim Sol.

    Relief of the following symptoms : Neurasthenia, hypertension, autonomic...