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CHO-A Pharm holds an Art Work Exhibition for Children with Disabilities. 2018-09-19

CHO-A Pharm (CEO Seong-Hwan Cho and Seong-Bae Cho) announced on the 10th that they will have an exhibition of artworks completed through 'Project A', a project made for children with disabilities, in the head office lobby for a week from August 8th to 15th.
'Project A' is an art education program that matches artist mentors and mentally disable children one-on-one with the aim of discovering children with disabilities who have artistic talents. It is a project that has been underway for six years by CHO-A Pharm and the Seoul Foundation for Culture and Arts, a Seoul-based organization.
Prior to this exhibition, CHO-A Pharmaceutical and the Seoul Foundation for Culture held an exhibition for citizens from the 1st to 8th at the Seoul Metropolitan Government Office. Citizens who visited the exhibition had a lot of interest and encouragement to see about 20 works of art of children with disabilities.
This year' it was time to discover hidden artistic talents through regular encounters with five artists of five children, which participated in Project A. The artists who participated in the project A this year are Lao Mi, Lao Mi Na, pop artist Yeon Seung Il, western painting artist Choi Yoon Jeong, western painting artist Jung Kyung Hee, and curator Lee Hyun-joo.
"We are delighted that Project A, which is celebrating its 6th anniversary this year, is closing its successful exhibition at the Seoul Metropolitan Government Office which can now be found at the headquarters lobby," said CHO-A representative. "We will continue to find more children and cultivate artistic talents.", he said.
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