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"CHO-A Biotone Memory Competition" held in search of the best memory capacity in the country. 2018-09-18

CHO-A Pharm completed the '2018 CHO-A Biotone Memory Competition' at the Seoul International Youth Center on March 3th. In order to promote domestic memory sports development, about 100 people of 6 different age groups (elementary, middle, high school, Senior department), participated in '2018 CHO-A Biotone Memory Competition', in which CHO-A Pharmaceutical participated as a sponsor.
'CHO-A Biotone Memory Competition' is the only memory sports event in Korea that was co-enacted by Korea Association of Memories Sports (Representative Jeong Gye-won) and CHO-A Pharmaceutical for the purpose of developing domestic memory sports. CHO-A Pharm has raised the quality of the contest by participating as a sponsor for two consecutive events in February, like in the "CHO-A Biotone National Memory Competition" and the "CHO-A Biotone Memorization Promotion Contest".
As the memory sport became more and more popular due to the "CHO-A Biotone National Memory Competition" in February, the athletes changed their Korean record in five main events (numbers, trump cards, random words, faces and names), and showed much improved skills. There was a wide range of age groups from 9 to 70. In particular, 'Dream Village Club', among the participating organizations, was composed by all the members of the club over 60 years old which led the attention of the participants.
At the 'CHO-A Biotone Award', awarded Kwon Sun-Moon, the player who had the highest score. He was honored to be awarded at the "CHO-A Biotone Award" as the best performer in each category.
An official from Korea Pharmaceutical Industry Association said, "The popularity of memory sports is getting hotter recently through the CHO-A Biotone Memory Competition." and "I hope that interest in memory keywords will lead to 'CHO-A Biotone', a representative health functional food that improves memory" he said.
CHO-A Biotone is a health functional food containing natural ingredients such as red ginseng, octacosanol, royal jelly, pollen extract, wheat germ oil and honey. It can help improve memory, improve endurance, improve immunity and improve fatigue. CHO-A Biotone can be purchased only in a pharmacy. If you have any questions about the product, please contact the customer service center at 080-988-8888.
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